You are invited to a Private Screening of Unplanned.

  •  When - Thursday, March 28th, 6:45 pm
  •  Where - Malco Grandview Cinema, Madison, Mississippi
  • Tickets - $11.00

Tickets are limited to the first 250 people. 

Click here to request tickets 

Never before has there been such an important film on such a controversial subject.  Educate your circle of influence (family, friends, co-workers) with a message of Hope, Grace, and Redemption!

"No one will walk away from seeing this movie and say, 'I didn't know.'"  Abby Johnson

Editor's note:

The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) officially gave the upcoming abortion film “Unplanned” an “R” rating on Friday, February 22nd for “some disturbing/bloody images” of aborted babies.

Movies are rated R for profanity, nudity, sex or violence. “Unplanned” contains no profanity, nudity or sex. “Ironically, the MPAA seems to be indirectly endorsing the pro-life position: namely that abortion is an act of violence,” writers and directors Cary Solomon and Chuck Konze...lman told Movieguide.

This justification by the MPAA is similar to the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision which magically used the due process clause of the 14th amendment as the basis for the majority’s decision in Roe v. Wade 46 years ago.

Solution:  Parent's, bring your teenagers.  You will be glad you did.