Some Things You Will Need for the Mortgage Loan Application

  • Bank Statements (last two months from all accounts)

  • Retirement (last two months of retirement/pension, 401K, and Social Security 1099 statements)

  • Pay Stubs (last 30 days)

  • Tax Returns (last two years of 1040 tax return, last two years of federal corporation and/or partnership tax           returns (if self-employed), & last two years of W-2 forms)

  • Valid I.D. Copy (driver's license, social security card, passport)

  • Earnest Money (copy of earnest money check deposit)

  • Award Letters (if applicable; for retirement/pension income, social security disability income)

  • Divorce (if applicable; decree and separation agreement)

  • Mortgage Statements (if applicable; property tax bills and homeowner's insurance statements for all real             estate owned)

  • Bankruptcy (if applicable; petition and discharge)

Additional documentation may be required in order to complete the underwriting process.

Some Do's and Do Not's During the Lending Process

The DO's:

  • DO call your loan officer before making any financial decisions or changes to your normal financial routine.  Your loan officer will help you through the loan process.

  • DO keep all existing credit card accounts open.

  • DO keep your employment within the same company or field of work.

  • DO pay off collections, judgments, or tax liens reported within the past year.

  • DO be prepared to pay off collections if required by underwriting or the loan program guides.

  • DO provide any documentation for satisfied judgments or paid tax liens.

  • DO stay current on payments for all existing obligations.

The DON'Ts:

  • DON'T apply for new credit of any kind.

  • DON'T max out or overcharge existing credit cards.

  • DON'T consolidate debt to one or two credit cards.

Do Your Homework.  Be Smart.