The most important thing is that in every way, Christ is proclaimed!   

All For THE ONE Ministries of Clinton, Mississippi is a non-profit Christian organization dedicated to sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ through mobile ministries, social media, service projects, Christian entertainment, seminars, speaking engagements, and the support of other Christian non-profits through fundraising efforts and donations, and much more.

"He was THE ONE in the beginning.  He's THE ONE born of a virgin.  He's THE ONE who was nailed on Calvary.  He is THE ONE who paid the price for sin.  He's THE ONE who died and rose again.  And he's THE ONE who's coming back for you and me." 

"Let everything we think, do and say, honor Him in every way."

Upcoming Events:

Thursday, March 28th - Private screening of the movie Unplanned at Grandview Cinema in Madison, Mississippi, Auditorium #16, 6:45 pm.  Tickets - $11.00 each

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