New Options with NuWay!

With NuWay, we've created a 21st century real estate company, breaking away from the way things have always been done. It’s a hybrid where the traditional real estate brokerage meets the FSBO, with desirable characteristics of each. It provides great opportunities for sellers to save and brokers/agents to earn.

Technology, especially the internet and mobile devices, has made it easier to bring buyers and sellers together. 

We believe it shouldn't cost you so much money to list and sell your home.  It's that simple.

Things have changed and it’s time for new options for sellers. New options in what has traditionally been a one-option industry.

List-It Yourself with NuWay is that new option, ahead of it’s time and designed especially for you.  Just say no to the 6 percenters.  After all, it's your money.

And if you're buying, finding your first or next home in Central Mississippi just got easier.  Homesearch by NuWay  is just for right for you. We help you get a quick credit decision from a local lender to let you know how much house your budget can afford and then we run a MLS auto-search with that number in mind and send the results directly to your own personal portal to help you find the one. Simple steps. Simply results. The Smarter Home Search.   

Our philosophy is simple and summed up in this quotation from the great Zig Ziglar: 

"You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want."

At NuWay, our only goal is to help you get what you want.

We hope to be able to help you "Get Moving with NuWay."  You can always reach us by using our NuWay One Card, our digital business card-


Easy to remember and easy to share when the time comes to buy and/or sell.